W.A. Bowden (Canada 103824)

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Title: W.A. Bowden (Canada 103824)
Author: Unknown
Description: The "W.A. Bowden" is pictured here at Cornwall Drydock in 1958, with the "Stormont" to the left. The “W.A. Bowden” (Canada 103824) was built in 1925 by P.Q. Levis. Ownership originated with the Minister of Railways and Canals, of Ottawa, Ontario, and lasted until 1935. The Minister of Transport, also of Ottawa, subsequently took possession of the steel tug until 1962. The final owner was Verreault Transportation, Inc. of Les Mechins, Quebec. On December 11, 1970, the vessel was registered as “dismantled.”
Permanent Link: http://hdl.handle.net/2374.OX/186077

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