Abram Smith - 106923

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Title: Abram Smith - 106923
Author: Unknown
Description: This wooden schooner was built in 1892 at Algomac, Michigan and listed out of Port Huron in the early days. In 1906 she was owned by Chas. A. Eddy of Bay City, Mich. She was stranded and lost in 1907. This view from 1895 shows the old harbor entrance during the 1890s. "Abram Smith" is layed up at the wooden lighthouse on the west pier, which was rebuilt in 1875, replacing the former one that stood there built in 1831. The old pier was in a delapidated condition. In the early part of 1900 this was replaced by a wider concrete pier and the coast guard station was built at about where the break in the dock shows. This was replaced in 1895 by a more modern station. In that year an accident occured on Nov. 16 when the draw of the Central Ave. viaduct was open to let the "Abram Smith" go through. The draw was open when a Cedar-Jennings Ave. street car was crossing from the east. The derailing system was in use at the time, and on approaching the derailer, the conductor got off the car, set the switch and gave the go-ahead sign. Jumping on the car, he entered, and as the car came near the open draw too late, the motorman applied the brakes and jumped just as the car was ready to make its plunge. The car dropped 100 ft. into 15 ft. of water. Seventeen lives were lost, four were saved.
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