Ironwood 127641

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Title: Ironwood 127641
Author: Unknown
Description: Pictured is the "Ironwood" on the Detroit River, c. 1960. The "Ironwood," originally named “Charles Beatty,” was built in 1902 by the Craig Ship Building Co. of Toledo, Ohio. The steel propeller vessel experienced numerous name and ownership changes. She was first owned by the Volunteer Transportation Co., of Cleveland, OH, from 1902 until 1916. Ownership transferred to the Bay Steamships Co., of New York, New York. They owned her from 1916 until 1917, renaming her “Usona” in 1916. She was then purchased by Bay Steamship Co., Ltd., of London, England. Under their ownership, she was renamed “Bayusona” in 1917, and registered as U.K. vessel 140405. They maintained ownership until 1921.The French Government of Havre, France, purchased the vessel in 1921. She was renamed “Port de St. Malo” in 1921, but the French registration number is unknown. After a short period of ownership, she was sold to the Interlake Navigation Co., Ltd., of Montreal, Quebec, from 1921 until 1923. The Canadian company renamed the vessel twice, “Bayusona” in 1921 and “Roslyn” in 1922. She was purchased in 1923 by White, Gratwick & Mitchell Steamship Co., of Buffalo, NY. She was renamed “Usona” in 1923, and re-registered under her original U.S. registration number. They maintained ownership until 1926 when she was sold to F.D. Gleason Coal Co., of Detroit, Michigan. In 1936, she was sold to Nicholson Transit Co., of Detroit. In 1936, she was renamed “Ironwood.” In 1942, she was purchased by the U.S. War Shipping Administration, of Washington, D.C. and used on the east coast. After four years, she returned to the Great Lakes when purchased by Nicholson Transit Co., of Detroit. In 1951, the vessel was rebuilt and converted to diesel. In the same year, she collided with Lucille Island (Lake Superior) due to fog. Nicholson Transit Co. maintained ownership until 1961 when she was then sold to Toth Transportaion Co., of Toledo. In the summer of 1967, the vessel sank while docked in the Maumee River. She was raised in the spring of 1968. Ownership of the vessel was next attained by the Lucas County State Bank, of Toledo, from 1968 until 1970; Walter Kolbe, of Port Clinton, from 1970 until 1974; and Capital Dredge & Dock Corp., of Lorain. In July of 1974, the vessel was removed from documentation and sold for scrap. She was transported to Hamilton, Ont. in October 1974 and scrapped.
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