Empress (Canadian 73086)

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Title: Empress (Canadian 73086)
Author: Unknown
Description: From its construction in 1873 by Peter Kilduff, Ottawa, Ontario until 1886, this ship sailed as the "Peerless." She was the first iron hull steamer built for the Ottawa River Navigation Company. She burned in 1885 and was rebuilt and renamed "Empress" in 1886. In 1907, the line was sold to the Central Railway Company. The company operated vessels out of Montreal and Ottawa for excursions only. The The "Empress" wsas sold to a syndicate in Ottawa in 1920. She continued as an excursion boat, shooting the rapids daily until the end of the 1931 season. In need of extensive repairs, the vessel was towed to Ottawa, where she was tied to an old dock. She sank during high water. The "Empress" was raised and her upper works were dismantled and sold for scrap. She is pictured here in 1908 approaching the wharf.
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